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Updated 04/09/15

NOW CASTING PRINCIPAL ROLES, Independent Feature Film by Simz Productions

Nonunion shoot, principal roles are compensated. Most filming will occur on the weekends this summer in Sonoma County. If you fit a role below, please provide an online profile or headshot/resume, along with a demo reel or any video clips if you have them. Email to: Auditions will be held at the end of April/early May.

To be filmed this summer in the heart of the wine country, For What It's Worth, the story of a wealthy 40-something woman who is contemplating her new life in the country when she meets a young man half her age. As the summer months pass by, decisions are made that can't be taken back and the drama unfolds at the peak of the grape harvest.

Sonny - 19-year old Caucasian male, thin build, natural toned (no big muscles), tall, good looking but not perfect. Blonder hair (?). he is smart, clever, methodical, cocky, nonchalant with a "whatever" attitude. Puts off a vibe that he doesn't care but he really does. He's a little naive and thinks he knows more than he really does. He doesn't own a cell phone and is proud of that fact.

Jen - 40-something Caucasian female. Girl-next-door beautiful. Bathing suit scenes. Very smart and successful business woman, but she's searching for something more out of her life. She is private. She is a little afraid of getting old and she has a hold she may be trying to fill (lots of times by younger men). She's not trampy, just trying to find an outlet for fun. Always dates the wrong guy but knows it and doesn't apologize for it. She has life experience.

Jorge - late 30s Hispanic male, slight Mexican accent. Medium to overweight build, tattoos a plus. Sweet, funny, street smart. He's a criminal but has a huge heart. He looks at Sonny as a younger brother, sees himself as mentor. He's very loyal.

Miranda - 40-something Caucasian female. She's relatively thin but maybe not in the best of shape ("skinny-fat"), but she's pretty. She's over the top, a socialite, commands a room with her attitude and language. She is a long time friend of Jen's and very protective. She's crass, loud. Big heart, big boobs.

Bernie - 50s/60s Caucasian male. A little overweight. Owner of the antique shop that is a front for running drugs and stolen goods. He's unapologetic. He's methodical and smart, gets down to brass tacks. He's also an asshole when he wants to be. A savvy businessman and probably an alcoholic.

Lindsay - 19 year old Caucasian female. Very pretty (not at all a bimbo) and smart like Sonny. She has known Sonny for a long time and knows him deeply, knows his truth.

Nate - 30 something male Caucasian. Good looking, handsome, in good shape (needs to look good w/shirt off). Dumb, arrogant, spoiled, musician, stoner-sounding.

We will also be Casting Extras and will post those roles later!


Performers Needed! BookPALS (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools) is a volunteer program of professional performers run by the SAG Foundation. BookPALS read aloud to children and show them the wonderful world of reading and literacy.

Founded in Los Angeles in 1993, BookPALS is now a national program of 2200 dedicated volunteers who serve almost 60,000 children monthly by reading aloud at public schools, museums, hospitals, shelters and literacy fairs.

Children need the magic of books and stories. BookPALS use their creative skills to bring stories to life. Be a role model, supporter and star to children in underserved communities. You bring the magic to the storytelling!


KEEP AN EYE ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE, TWITTER FEED OR THE NEWS & EVENTS PAGE TO STAY CURRENT! These are the 3 methods we use to keep our talent informed. We do not typically send out mass emails and don't always have time to let you know personally when you've been submitted.


SEEKING TALENT! AE CASTING is currently seeking new talent of all ages and races for upcoming projects. We have a special need for actors and models in the Sacramento and SE Bay area and those with ethnic looks - Asian, African American, Indian, Hispanic, etc. Go to the registration page for instructions on how to join our Talent Registry!

Don't forget to keep your records updated and to check your emails. If we don't get responses from you or if your emails come back, we must delete you. If you have worked with us before but not officially registered with us yet, we won't be able to submit you for work anymore. Likewise, if your headshot is outdated and/or is not representative of your current look, we will not be submitting you for work.

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